CFA’s Newest Club for Ragdoll Breeders & Fanciers

Join RBC Today

You don’t have to be a Ragdoll breeder to join RBC!! All Ragdoll owners and fanciers are invited to join and to help promote this magical breed in CFA.

There are two categories of RBC membership – Breeder Members & Fancier Members. Benefits are exactly the same. The only difference is that they will be listed separately on the website so that RBC can offer a Ragdoll breeder listing with links to Breeder Members’ cattery websites.

There are two ways to join Ragdoll Breed Club

1) Complete an Online Application

Online Breeder Member Application (coming soon)

Online Fancier (Non-Breeder) Member Application (coming soon)


2) Print and mail a hard copy of the RBC Membership Application.

Breeder membership Application in printable form.

Fanciers (Non-Breeder) Member Application in printable form.

Dues can be paid with a check or money order sent to the address listed on the application.

For your convenience, RBC also accepts payment through PayPal.

Please select your membership, then click on the Paypal